What We Do

Our services include residential building & renovations, Roofing & Ceiling, Flooring, and more to turn your home into a place of pride. Choose us for our background in general construction services such as Brick-laying, Painting, Plumbing and Carpentry.

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Our Services

what we do best.

  • Building & Renovations

We offer Building & Renovations services. We are professional building contractors servicing South Africans with pride and providing quality workmanship and service at all times. 

  • Roofing & Ceiling

We offer Roofing & Ceilings services, Need to repair and maintain your existing roof and tiles? We will be of service. We also offer ceiling board installations as per your requirements.

Flooring - Kingsman Construction
  • Flooring, Concreting & Tiling

We offer Flooring services which are mainly tiling & concreting. We are professional experienced experts ready to offer a variety of flooring services tailored to your needs.

Plumbing - Kingsman Construction
  • Plumbing

We offer any given plumbing installation ranging from small minor repairs up to revamps of buildings, large and small plumbing installations and all other aspects of plumbing related jobs in-between.

Painting - Kingsman Construction
  • Painting

We are full-service painting contractors with extensive experience in all aspects. We have the knowledge and ability to complete any painting project in accordance with your specific requirements.

  • Carpentry

We will assist in fitting or repairing any kitchen units. We are experts in refurbishment and custom units and installation. Whether it’s fitting cupboards, kitchen units, etc… we make every project simple and hassle-free.

house, garden, plants
  • Gardening Services & Maintenance

You can trust us for the best residential gardening & maintenance services. Kingsman Construction is highly skilled and we will take care of the following garden services:
debris removal, weeding, sweeping, seasonal flower planting, care, and removal. Lawn Care, mowing, blowing, edging, fertilizing & trimming as well as maintenance on all the above mentioned.

saw cut, trees, old tree
  • Treefelling Services

Whether a tree in the backyard is looking sickly, has already begun leaning over, or was struck by lightning, you likely need someone to help with tree felling.
Otherwise, the longer you ignore your problem, you are keeping your home and family in harm’s way.
Don’t wait for gravity to decide for you. Instead, let us help keep your home and neighbourhood safer today.

tulips, bloom, blossom
  • Landscaping

We offer Landscape services & Maintenance to keep your landscapes at the best state. We can easily accommodate any of your landscaping requirements.
Services Included are: lawn care, mowing, blowing, edging, fertilizing & trimming. We also specialize in pruning, irrigation management & repair, water conservation, debris removal, weeding, sweeping, trimming, pruning, seasonal flower planting and care, and removal.

Aluminium Casement Windows - Ultimate Slimline Profiles
  • Aluminium Windows

Kingsman Construction offers window installation services. We can easily accommodated any window installation on request. There are tons of replacement options to fit any home style or budget. Each window type serves a different purpose and there are many different windows to choose from.

aluminium-doors-outside (1)
  • Sliding Doors

We offer  sliding door installation services. Kingsman Construction can easily accommodated any sliding door installation on request. Sliding doors are a firm favourite in the residential market as they allows for numerous configurations and options. 

  • Maintenance

Kingsman Construction offers maintenance services as all properties and structures need to be maintained from time to time. There are many ways of maintaining buildings. They can be maintained by ensuring the plumbing is in good working order, the roof is in a good state of repair and the windows are all intact etc.


Most frequent questions and answers

To get the most from your construction project you need to be clear on your intentions. If you know
what you want, then your builder can deliver. It is difficult for a builder to achieve high quality results if
the parameters keep changing. Your builder can help you make these important upfront decisions by
giving expert advice and realistic suggestions.

 Quality is the complete experience that you receive both during and after the project. Quality includes clear and timely Communication, Workmanship, Materials, Service and how we treat your space, and finally post
completion. Quality is how you feel after everything
is completed.

The key factors for success are involving your builder early for practical advice, agreeing on all cost
aspects upfront, and having an open channel of communication with your construction team.

We are very blessed to say that over 50% of our customers come to us or are referred to us from customers we’ve performed for in the past. There is a reason for such a loyal client base.

Please either email us, or give us a quick call.. We are very willing to help, and happy to provide for any quotations needed.


What Our Clients have to say.

Kingsman Construction was there to work with my wife and I. We would not have been able to achieve our budget goal without their involvement from the beginning. I am pleased to recommend Kingsman Construction Company for any of your clients’ construction needs.

Bheki Nkosi

I was completely confident we could deliver the project on time, for the agreed upon price, despite having less than eight months in which to build the facility. Such confidence and a proven record of excellent results….I am very pleased with your work, Will be recommending more people to you.

Mike Coutts

Kingsman Construction has built a facility for me that I take great pride in. I believe the best testimonial I could give is that given the opportunity to build again, I now depend on them for the maintenance of our building, Thanks for your wonderful services.


We always available

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